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Google Newsletter August 2017


With this launch, Google has added a number of special features which enhance user experiences as well as more convenient, secure collaboration among employees and third-parties.



icon Send and receive chat messages in Hangouts Meet

This chat functionality has been a top feature request in Meet. Meeting participants now can share links, chime in when they can’t speak, or contribute to the conversation without interrupting…See more


icon An improved third-party sharing experience in Google Drive

To make the process of sharing information easier and more effective for both G Suite and non-Google users alike, we added an option to the sharing dialogue for users to let anyone with the link view the file….See more


icon Smarter Google Forms to save you time

With this launch, we’re adding new features and using machine learning to make Google Forms work better for your business: collect information, plan events, solicit feedback, and more….See more


icon Changing the default order of apps in the Google app launcher

The app launcher in the Google Bar makes it easy for users to quickly access Google apps like Drive, Gmail, and Calendar. To make the app launcher more convenient for new users and those who don’t take the time…See more


icon Manage access to third-party apps with new G Suite security controls

Protecting your organization’s most sensitive data and assets is a constant challenge. G Suite helps protect your data in a number of ways: thwarting attackers with advanced phishing detection through machine learning, and now OAuth apps whitelisting…See more


icon Hangouts Meet troubleshooting data to include mobile devices

The Hangouts Meet client logs upload setting in the Admin console will also apply to mobile devices. Such log data allows Google Support to more effectively resolve issues reported by…See more


icon Set automated rules for mobile devices to protect your data

Protecting your organization’s data should be easy, regardless of what device your employees use. This is especially true if many of them use mobile devices at work. With this launch, we’re introducing new device rules for…See more


icon Better experience for SMS 2-Step Verification users with Google prompt

In February 2017, we revamped Google prompt for 2-Step Verification (2-SV), giving users a better option to keep their accounts safe. Now Google prompt also allows users to block unauthorized access to…See more


icon Making 2-Step Verification deployment easier

In addition to security key enforcement, G Suite domain admins also have the options of other 2SV methods such as the Google Authenticator app, text message, or phone call. To make 2SV deployment easier…See more


Improvements to Google Calendar Interop for Microsoft Exchange, with real time data, logging, and simpler setup

Google is making it easier to manage the coexistence of Google Calendar and Microsoft Exchange Server (including Office 365) within your organization. We’re starting by supporting real-time free/busy…See more


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