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Google Plus is about to become the core service in Google Apps

Google has just announced that, in the near future, they will upgrade Google+ to officially become a core service in GAfW . solution suite (not applicable to GAfE), is guaranteed the same SLA as other core services and has a direct support team for this application.


Google Plus or Google+ is a social networking site created by Google. Google+ brings common features of social media, such as comments, photo and music sharing, video chat, etc. to your social circle. Basically, Google+ is what any user chooses, from live chat to a self-expression platform with tools to make Google+ as personal or collective as you want it to be.


google plus



With this big update, Google will bring a new interface to Google+ to replace the classic interface, along with removing some features on Google+ (create events, chat hangouts, use Hangouts on Air from Google+). As part of this transition, existing Google+ users will have to migrate to the new user interface that Google announced on November 17, 2015. In order for Google+ to meet its core service requirements We also have a number of usability improvements that make it easier for you to use and navigate Google+.


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