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Google Sites completely rebuilt – ready for users

Earlier this year, Google began rolling out a completely revamped Google Site with a select group of testers. In November, Google made a new version of the Google Sites table for G Suite customers. In addition to the intuitive technologies, integration with G Suite apps, and eye-catching design that early Google testers came to know and love. The new Google Sites includes performance tracking with Google Analytics, 6 new themes, and many other useful features. Customers can access  Help Center and  Learning Center for details of these announcements.

New Google Sites includes performance tracking with Google Analytics


The traditional version of Google Sites continues to exist.

The traditional version of the previous Google sites continues to be in Parallel with the new Sites, but Google has added similar features for people searching in the traditional Sites. Traditional Sites and Sites generated will continue to follow Sites specific settings in the Google Admin (Apps -> G suite -> Sites).



 • In 2017, Google will offer and introduce options to move your site team from traditional Sites to new Sites.

• Starting in 2018, Google will provide a timeline and instructions regarding the processes to gradually close down the traditional version of Sites. A specific date for closing older versions of Google Sites is not available, and Google will notify customers at least 1 year before shutting down.


Enable or disable the new Google Sites for your organization.

• In the admin console, select Apps -> G Suite-> Sites > New Sites and select Users at [domain] unable to create and edit sites.

• Turn off Google Sites: New Google sites open by default, but your organization's users won't be able to create or edit Sites in this new Sites unless your organization has both Google Drives and traditional Google Sites open.To disable the new Google Sites in your organization, you need to do a few things:


The new Google Sites appreciates Google Drive sharing settings.

• New Sites appreciate installing Drive sharing in the admin console ( Apps -> G Suite -> Drive). It won't be able to continue to last using the traditional Google Sites instance sharing settings (Apps->G Suite->Sites). If you allow users to publish Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides files on your website, they will be allowed to publish Sites created in new Sites on the Web.

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