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Google Workspace News 5/2021


Email threads with recipients outside your organization will be labeled “External”

Google is adding a new “External” label to email threads that include recipients outside your organization. This adds to the existing external recipient warning banner.. See more


Google Vault now supports Google Sites

Google Vault now supports new Google Sites. You can use Google Vault to set retention policies for Google Sites, perform searches of Google Sites data, and export Google Sites content… See more


Control your data usage and improve device performance with new data saver setting for Google Meet on mobile

Google Meet automatically adjusts to your device, network and set-up to provide the best possible meeting experience. However, you may want to adjust the quality of your meeting to reduce impact on your mobile device… See more


Google Meet now gives you more space for content and control over layouts for a more flexible experience.

Inspired by your feedback, Google is rolling out a refreshed Google Meet desktop/laptop experience with updates to video feeds, the viewing and presenting experience… See more


Use Google Maps in the quick access side panel

You can now use Google Maps in the quick access side panel. This means you can use Google Maps to see and research place information on the same screen… See more





Source: Gimasys


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