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Instructions for sending large attachments in Gmail

Every time you send email gmail, capacity for volumes attachment is only 25MB, which makes sending data more difficult when you have to split this file into many small files and have to send in many mails. If you need to send photos, you can only send 5-6 photos at once, if the number of photos is up to 200,300, how many times will you have to send? Not to mention the recipient will feel like spam mail. It is this problem that causes great trouble for both the sender and the receiver


Receiving this feedback, Google has now integrated data between Gmail and Drive, allowing you to send attachments via the Drive link.

Here is a guide to help you send large email attachments:


Step 1: You open Gmail browser, click Compose ( Compose)

Step 2: Instead of tapping the . icon Attach files, you click on the . icon Drive Besides


Send attachments in Gmail with a large capacity

Step 3: At the bottom of the compose pane, next to the . icon Attach files is the symbol Drive, when you click on the Drive icon, you can download files from My drive (documents available in your Drive), Share with me (Documents shared with you), Recent (The file has just been opened or just created), finally Upload (The files on the computer)



Step 4: After selecting a file you want to send, click Upload to upload the Drive link containing that data. The recipient will receive a Drive link containing the data you want to send.



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