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Hosted S/MIME now supports advanced controls for Root Certificate Authorities


What’s new: Gmail’s Hosted S/MIME solution currently requires certificates to be from certain trusted root Certificate Authorities (CAs) that meet very specific guidelines; however, a popular request from our enterprise customers has been allowing you to upload, from within the Admin Console, additional root certificates that you want Hosted S/MIME to trust. Now we’re making this possible for Gmail administrators using Hosted S/MIME.


   Accepting additional Root Certificates

Google has a set of requirements for acceptable S/MIME encrypted messages which follow strict security guidelines; however, you may have noticed that recipients that don’t meet these requirements appear as not “trusted” and can’t be sent those messages. Once this new Admin console control is available, you will be able to upload additional root certificates to ensure the email you want to have trusted by Gmail servers are designated as such for your users.


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