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Improving the deduplication flow when uploading to Google Drive


A common use case for Google Drive users is to download a file from their Drive to modify it locally, and then to re-upload the new version. In the past, this would result in duplicate files (the original and the new one), and users would have trouble finding the latest version. With this launch, we’ve introduced a change in Drive to deduplicate files which were uploaded in this way.


How it works: When users upload files that have the same filename as an existing file, they’ll be deduplicated, and the old file will be in revision history. This is so that if any mistakes are made, users can get back to the previous version. Similarly, uploaded folders will be merged with folders of the same name.


To prevent the files from being deduplicated, click on “Keep as separate file” once it’s been uploaded.


Improving the deduplication flow


Check out the Help Center for more information on uploading files and folders in Google Drive.


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