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Teamwork faster and smarter with G Suite

What’s new: Compared to 30 years ago, today's working environment is very different. If before, a business only needed to rely on a team, in one location to get the job done, now the human resource team of a company can be more diverse and gather many people in more places. Therefore, decisions must be made quickly, teams need to adjust, work together urgently and cannot waste time on repetitive, time-consuming tasks. As a result, companies that are using outdated, decades-old work systems often find it difficult to flexibly compete and keep up with trends.


Imagine your team needs to close a huge sale. The people involved are located in different locations and you need to consult with them for this strategy. The task was to identify the client, prepare the pitch, and the team to come together to come up with a suitable pricing policy – all before the end of the quarter.


This is entirely possible with G Suite. G Suite completely changes the way people on teams work together with intelligent tools that help teams solve problems faster and spend time on what matters. In February, Google announced new and smart updates to G Suite, giving businesses more ways to manage projects – like closing orders or bringing new products to market – just work from one place without having to teleport.


Use a new, centralized platform to connect, collaborate on projects, and make decisions faster.

Hangouts Chat is now available and makes collaboration more efficient, allowing teams to make decisions faster. With chat "boxes" for groups, "threaded" conversations (so everyone in the group can follow what's being exchanged), efficient search and intelligent chat bots helps to connect workflows and speed things up (even with 3rd party applications), so you can complete a project from just sitting in one place – like opening a new branch store or starting an advertising campaign. The Chat app will be able to integrate well with other G Suite apps like Google Drive, Calendar, Hangouts Meet as well as yes Built-in security section to meet your storage, eDiscovery and information management requirements. Learn more about Hangouts Chat below.


G Suite


Spend less time scheduling meetings and more time accomplishing goals.

Google wants to make meeting management simple, and that's why Google built tools to help you find find meeting room information and find a suitable time for the meeting. Over the next few months, Calendar will use artificial intelligence to automatically suggest which meeting room you should book. Because this recommendation will be optimized based on the location of the building as well as the meeting rooms, previous meeting room booking history, necessary audio-visual aids and the number of attendees required. You can be confident that the room you book is the perfect fit for your group's character. You can read this lesson for more information.


Solve problems with face-to-face video meetings, when you want them to.

Many times the best way to solve a problem and not impede the progress of a project is to immediately participate in an online meeting, face-to-face with colleagues. Now, your team can quickly go from a chat in the Chat box to a video meeting on Hangouts Meets with just a few clicks.


Spend less time searching for documents and more time generating ideas.

Google is bringing Quick Access to Docs to help your team focus their time on the things that matter (similar to Quick Access in Drive). Quick Access uses artificial intelligence to suggest related documents based on cues – like Google Drive activity or information in a document, so you can work with up-to-date data and can quickly edit content.

For example, when your company's global marketing team needs to create a joint plan for a project, they can start with Docs and Quick Access in Explore panel to find information from related documents, then add them to the plan quickly. Learn more.


G Suite


To keep up with trends in the market, businesses need to transform the way they operate. Let's start with email sign up G Suite and empowering teams across the enterprise, so they can work better, together.


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