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Note about the free version of Google Apps usage policy

Your business is using Google's email service and suddenly receives the message "Account has been disabled" or "Account has been disabled". You are really confused because you do not know what happened to your email system and do not know how to handle it, here are 2 cases you need to find out:

Case 1: If only one account or several accounts in your business fall into the above situation, that account is in violation of Google's policy of using Google Apps for Work (GAfW). These violations may be caused by users sending spam emails, declaring G+ profiles under 13 years old....In this case, users need to immediately contact the Administrator to fix the problem.

Case 2: If all the accounts in your organization are experiencing the same issue, chances are your business has a violation of the usage policy. This includes breaking the law, violating the free accounts abuse policy, your domain name being linked to another infringing GAfW domain, and so on. Usually this happens when your business domain is a subdomain under one domain GAfW free version . If this is the case, your GAfW has been permanently locked by Google, you cannot get back any data that has been stored on the system. To continue using the GAfW service, you should contact Google or its partners for assistance in re-registering the service.




Google locks Google Apps account for policy violation


Based on Gmail for personal users, in August 2006 Google released a version of Gmail for business with the original name of Google Apps for Business (and changed to Google Apps for Work in late 2014). At this time, Google allows businesses to test free enterprise version features in different plans and with limited number of accounts, these plans are collectively known as Google Apps Free. A free version is also available for education called Google Apps for Education. In June 2012, Google announced that it would stop providing Google Apps Free. However, previously registered businesses will still be maintained if used if they comply with Google's terms commitments.


In Vietnam, there have been many organizations and individuals that have signed up for Google Apps Free or Google Apps Education packages with a large number of accounts, but these individuals and organizations not only registered to use for their business but also also resell accounts to other businesses in the form of subdomains. This is an activity that is contrary to Google's terms of compliance with the right to use services because these organizations and individuals are profiting from Google's free products that are not owned by them. Google will lock down the service for infringing domains and refuse to restore the data in any way.


If your business is using Google Apps service with a free form or paying many times lower than the GAfW version (30 USD/user/year) and you are concerned that the service may be locked, right now The administrator should check whether the domain name of the business is registered directly with Google or through another intermediary. If your domain name is registered directly with Google, you can safely continue to use it until further notice from Google about Google Apps Free plans. In case through another intermediary, the Administrator should immediately contact Google or Google's partners for support in migrating to GAfW without affecting business operations due to data loss or system downtime. system.


The source: GiMASYS

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