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Improved Google Docs edit menu bars

What's new? : Based on usage data and user feedback, Google has made some changes to the menu bars of the editing function in Google Docs (on the website). They are similar to the changes Google made in December and January, making it easier for users to search for certain items.


Changes that apply to all Docs editing menus (including Google Docs, Slides, and Sheets):


  • In the Tools menu: “Spelling” will be renamed to “Check Spelling”.
  • In the Edit toolbar, “Select none” will be removed.
  • Items in the File, Edit, and Tools menus will be rearranged.


Google Docs


The changes only apply to the Google Sheets edit menus:


  • In the menu bar of Data: “Filter” will be renamed to “Create a filter”.
  • In the menu bar of Data: “Validation” will be renamed to “Data validation”.
  • The items in the Data menu will be rearranged.
  • The items in the Format menu will be rearranged.


These changes only apply to the visual menu bar on the web version of the products. All options will remain available through Shortcuts and the search box in the Help menu bar.


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