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New Drive file suggestions in Chrome launching in beta


Quick launch summary

We’re launching a beta program for a new feature that allows users to search for Google Drive files that they have access to when using the Chrome Omnibox (search/URL box). Users in the beta can now search for files in Drive by owner or type, where previously they could only search for a title or URL of a webpage. This feature is similar to what users see when searching for files in Google Drive.


Admins for G Suite Business, Enterprise, and Enterprise for Education can learn more and apply for the beta here.



Who’s impacted

Admins only


Why you’d use it

This feature will give users faster access to the files and data they need while searching in Google Chrome. Users will now be able to see Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, PDFs, and other file type suggestions from both “My Drive” and “Shared with Me” when searching in Chrome browser. This will help people get work done faster.


How to get started

  • Admins: For more details and to apply for the beta, see this form.
  • End Users: No action required.


Additional details

This feature will be available to users signed into a Chrome profile on any operating system: Chromebook, Mac, Windows, etc.


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