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New G Suite adoption and productivity insights tool launching in beta


What’s new: We’re launching Work Insights, a new tool to help you quickly assess the impact of G Suite on your organization by giving you visibility into the adoption of G Suite tools. Initially launching in beta, Work Insights is available to organizations with G Suite Enterprise or Enterprise for Education editions. G Suite admins can use this form to apply for the beta.


See the impact of G Suite in your organization


With Work Insights, we aim to bring you executive-level insights into how G Suite is increasing collaboration and improving workplace culture at your organization. Use the Work Insights dashboard to see how your organization’s G Suite usage is changing over time in the following areas:


  • Adoption – which teams are adopting G Suite and which apps they use most frequently
  • Collaboration – how are teams working together through meetings, file sharing, and document co-editing
  • Activity – which apps teams are spending time in and how much time they’re spending in meetings

The metrics in the dashboard can help you determine how quickly your workforce is adopting G Suite, how teams are collaborating, if they’re using G Suite products as expected, and if you need additional training resources to help users understand a new workflow.


Compare across your organization


For each category of metrics, you can compare insights by organizational unit. You can also benchmark usage and adoption by comparing team-level statistics to overall company data. This can help you establish usage trends and see adoption patterns to get insights into differences across your organization.


Note that at the organizational level, team insights will only be shown for teams of 10 people or more.


See impact of G Suite on your organization


See how G Suite is used across your organization


G Suite Work Insight


See how teams within your organization collaborate


Work Insights Beta now open


Work Insights is initially launching in beta to organizations with G Suite Enterprise and Enterprise for Education editions only, with access restricted to admins. See this form for more details and to apply.


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