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New intelligent search box in Google Drive


What’s new: We’re improving how search works in Google Drive. When you click in the search box, you’ll now see a range of options. Click on an option to quickly perform a search with a relevant filter applied. You may see:


  • Your top collaborators. Click on a person to search for files that you’ve collaborated with them on.
  • Suggested search queries. Click on a term to search for it.

File types, edit history, priority items, and more. Click to show files that match the highlighted criteria.


Google Drive


Quicker searches powered by machine learning


These filters can help you find files more quickly without having to remember a specific title or keyword. Each category of suggested filter uses multi-variant machine learning to predict what you’re most likely to use, and the filters will improve over time. We hope that these suggestions help you find and filter content more efficiently in Drive.

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