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Many new features in the mailbox with Gmail Add-on

What’s new: For many people, email is a tool to manage tasks, such as issuing an invoice, preparing a presentation or receiving and taking care of a potential customer… With so much to do. After reading an email, imagine how you can complete them straight from your inbox without interrupting your workflow.

Believing that email can do so much more, Google launched the Gmail add-on, a new way to work with your favorite apps directly from Gmail.


Gmail Add-ons – features specific to your workflow

Instead of having to use both Gmail and other applications, you can use add-ons to get things done right in the Gmail interface. With Gmail add-ons, your inbox can show related apps based on the messages you receive to help you do it faster. And because add-ons work the same on both the web and Android, you only need to install it once to use it on all your devices. Click on the settings in the upper right corner of the email and select “Get add-ons” to get started.



Google has introduced Gmail – add-ons in developer preview Earlier this year, and since then, Google partners have been building integrations to help businesses connect with customers, manage projects, and more… Here's a list of the partners we've built. build the add-on that you can currently install:


  • Asana: Turn communication with customers, with colleagues, and between team members into tasks that you and your team can track – all from within the inbox.



  • Dialpad: Text or call colleagues on your device, at any time. Automatically view recent conversations or save new contact information directly from Gmail.


  • DocuSign (coming soon): Sign and execute contracts and other documents directly from Gmail using the Docu-Sign add-on.


  • Hire: Add candidates, manage their information, and upload their CVs without leaving the Gmail interface. You can access full application information from the Hire . add-on


  • Intuit QuickBooks Invoicing: Create and send professional invoices directly from Gmail. Let customers pay online and you can track the status of the invoice, that payment no matter where you are.



  • ProsperWorks: Easily access information, activity logs from customer calls, demos and meetings. You can also browse related opportunities, jobs and events.



  • RingCentral: View the online/offline status of your RingCentral communications, view recent call history, view outgoing calls (this feature requires RingCentral for Mobile installation), and view and send SMS messages.


  • Smartsheet: Directly add message content and create attachments with Smartsheet without leaving the Gmail interface.


  • stream: Add customer email threads with detailed information, quickly respond with these pieces of information from Gmail with the Streak add-on.


  • Trello: Turn email into to-dos with Trello, allowing your team to share views on those to-dos.



  • Wrike: Create tasks from email, view and update status; send and receive job comments with Wrike.

If you are an application developer, you can also easily create add-ons for your application or for your business. Just generate the add-on code once and it will run on web and Android in no time. looking for more information.


Try Gmail add-ons

Tackle to-do tasks as soon as they arrive in your inbox. G Suite and Gmail users can enter G Suie Marketplace to find and install further developed applications for Gmail.


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