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The best security analytics and habits from Google

What’s new: Google wants to make it easier to manage and secure your business data. A big part of this is making sure that you and the admins in your company have a clear view of security – and, more importantly, that you can know and act on reports promptly. fox get.

In this launch, Google introduces the Security Center for G Suite – a tool that delivers in-depth reports, analysis, and best-in-class security advice. With Security Center, Google has empowered admins to protect their businesses, data and users.


G Suite Security Center


With the security center, administrators and administrators can:

  1.   View security parameters in one place: Monitor suspicious behavior on devices, see how spam and malware are targeting users in the company, and measure security performance metrics. – all that information will appear in a centralized table.


G Suite Security


2. Always be on the lookout for potential dangers. Admins can now view security analytics to alert them to threats. For example, you can see which accounts are at risk of being hacked with *phising, or take action against data theft when files on Google Drive enable DLP (Data Loss Prevention) rules. ).


G Suite Security Center


3. Follow security tips to reduce the risk of cyber attacks: Security health (Security Status) will analyze the current security and privacy situation of the business and then give corresponding advice to protect users and company data. These tips will cover many aspects, from how you store data to how files are shared, to mobility and information exchange settings.


G Suite Security


Let's get started today:

More than 3.5 million businesses rely on G Suite to work and collaborate securely. If you are using G Suite Enterprise Edition, you can now access Security Center in the Admin console. These instructions will help admin get started and this These are some of the best security habits you need to keep in mind.


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