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Revamped My Devices page will help users find and manage their devices


Quick launch summary

Google is making some updates to the My Devices page. Users can go to the page to see the devices they’ve used to log in to G Suite and then manage those devices. It includes detailed device information, an option to log out of the device, and an option to wipe the device. You may notice:


  • A new URL, as the page is now found at, rather than Soon, we’ll start to redirect users from the old site to the new site. 
  • The page now includes both mobile and desktop devices. The old page only showed mobile devices. 
  • Detailed device information. This is the same as the previous site. 
  • Options to manage device access and wipe the device if desired. This is the same as the previous site. 


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The new My Devices page at 



định vị thiết bị

The old My Devices page at




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