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Slack activity: Track document changes in Google Drive

What’s new: Previously, Google announced the combination of Drive and Slack: allows you to go to Slack and still update the log of activity happening in Google Drive.


*Slack is an application that supports easy information exchange and work update on mobile phones and computers. You can use Slack to chat in groups or update information when a Drive document changes. Or you can open Drive to stay updated on those changes.


You'll never miss any important updates with Slack or Google Drive. Google has added activity notifications so you can see in Drive: when a file is shared and discussed in Slack. There are two types of actions that will be notified: when someone shares files stored in Google Drive, and when someone comments – using Slack – on a Google Drive document that was previously shared in Slack.


With these notifications, you can see information about when, where the action happened, and who performed it. These messages in the activity log will only be visible to people who have access to both the document and the Slack channel, or to groups whose documents are shared or discussed.


Google also offers international language support on Google Drive Integration. If you use Slack in French, Spanish, German, or Japanese, Google Drive will send messages and respond in your preferred language.


Google Drive and Slack


To be able to use this feature, please install Google Drive Integration.


Whether you want to stay up-to-date with changes to a document on Drive or Slack, see what people are discussing, or let a new member of your team know what's been going on,... all of those notifications will meet your needs.


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