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Do more with charts in Google Sheets on your Android device


Google Sheets brings much more benefits to users in creating and setting up spreadsheets on the browser interface without installing software.

Google Sheets not only shares easily with strict authorization capabilities, but also helps users to work with colleagues, partners and clients on the same interface, time, equipment and various locations.


Especially, users can access documents anywhere, anytime on any device connected to the internet and just open the browser.



Charts in Google Sheets


With this new feature, users can insert charts, change their types, and move, resize, and delete them. Moreover, Google helps users the ability to do even more, including:


  •   Add or change a chart’s title.


  •   Add or change the titles of a chart’s X and Y axes.


  •   Change the color of a series in a chart.


  •   Specify where the chart’s legend should be located.


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