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Create more graphing features in Google Sheets on your Android device

Google Sheets brings many conveniences to users in creating and creating spreadsheets right on the browser interface without installing software.
Not only easy sharing with tight permissions, Google Sheets also helps users work together with colleagues, partners, customers on the same interface, at the same time on different devices and locations. . More specifically, users can access documents anytime, anywhere on any device, just need to connect to the internet and open a browser.



Graph feature in Google Sheets


If before, users could insert graphs, change field types, move, resize and delete them. Now to optimize this feature further, Google has provided more graphing features in Google Sheets on Android devices such as:


  • Add and change graph titles.
  • Add or change the name of the X and Y axis graphs.
  • Change the color in the graph.
  • Specifies the legend place for the graph.

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