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Data Loss Prevention (DLP) feature for Google Apps Unlimited on Gmail

In early 2016, Google rolled out some advanced features for Data Loss Prevention (DLP) on Gmail, which is optical character recognition (OCR) and detects more complex content.


For the OCR feature, administrators of Google Apps Unlimited accounts can start using DLP to automatically check outgoing messages for content they have predefined needed to prevent data loss. are not.


In this update, Google has added a number of personally identifiable information (PII) tools to improve the efficiency of DLP solutions for Gmail, namely:


• Mexico – Passport Number

• Mexico – CURP Code

• Korea – Passport Number

• Spain – Passport Number

• Germany – Passport Number

• USA – Passport Number

• China – Passport Number

• Canada – Passport Number

• France – Passport Number

• Japan – Passport Number

• UK – Passport Number


Attention: DLP on Gmail is only for use by customers Google Apps Unlimited..


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