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Track Google+ adoption levels at your organization with new usage metrics in the Admin console and the Reporting API


One of the most compelling reasons to adopt Google+ is its power to connect and engage your workforce. Having a more engaged workforce increases retention and innovation within an organization and leads to more productivity. Since announcing​ that Google+ is now a core G Suite service last September, we’ve heard that you’d like better reporting on Google+ adoption and engagement throughout your organization. In response, we’ve taken the first step by adding new enterprise-focused ​Google+ usage reporting in the Admin console and the Reporting APIs. With this change, you’ll now be able to look up:

  • Daily active Google+ users
  • Weekly active Google+ users
  • Monthly active Google+ users
  • Number of new users
  • Number of new posts
  • Number of new comments
  • Number of new +1s
  • Number of posts viewed
  • Number of posts reshared


Theo dõi việc tham gia Google+ trong tổ chức


We’re excited for this first launch of enterprise reporting metrics for G+, and look forward to adding even more improvements, like user-level reports, later this year. Please let us know how you’re using them and what else you’d like to see through the Feedback options in the Admin console.

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