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SMS Experience – 2 Steps Better Authentication with Google prompt

What’s changing: In February 2017, we fix Google prompt 2-Step Verification or 2-SV, giving users a better choice to keep their accounts secure. In addition to adding 2-SV with an encrypted link, Google prompt also allows users to block unauthorized access to their accounts with security notifications sent in real time.




With this update, 2-SV users will see an invitation to try Google Prompt when they log in. This invitation will show users a preview of the steps to sign in with the new Google Promt instead of SMS, and they can then choose whether or not to use this new functionality.




In general, we do this because SMS authentication messages and actual disposable codes are vulnerable to phishing attacks by hackers. Account authentication instead of relying on SMS, administrators will ensure that policies are enforced on mobile devices and that authentication is performed based on an encrypted link.



  • Trying Google prompt will only be notified to 2-SV users. Security key users will not be affected by this change.
  • Google prompt requires a data link to be able to use.
  • iOS users will need to install the Google Search app on their phone to use Google prompt.
  • Domains used Enterprise version security keys can still be used for more advanced security requirements.
  • If users opt out of using Google prompt on their phone during this launch, they will still receive a notification about switching to prompt after 6 months.


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