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Updated Working Hours in Calendar helps colleagues know your schedule


What’s changing

Google is revamping the feature in Google Calendar that helps you let colleagues know when it’s best to work with you. The updates to the Working Hours feature include:

  • Working hours now show in grid view: When you schedule a meeting with other Calendar users, their working hours will be shown in the calendar grid.
  • Warning note for event creators: If you try to schedule an event outside the working hours of one more or guests, you’ll now see an “Outside working hours” notification.
  • Working hours is ON by default: Working hours will now be turned on for all users by default. Users can turn it off at any point in Calendar’s settings (see more below).

Who’s impacted

End users

Why you’d use it

The new features will make it easier for your colleagues to see when it’s best to work with you. This can help reduce back and forth when finding the right time for a meeting, and help make sure that meetings are scheduled at convenient and productive times for all participants. 

How to get started

  • Admins: No action required.
  • End users
    • Working Hours will be enabled by default. When it’s first enabled, users will see a dialog with an estimate of their working hours, which they can confirm or change. Users can disable the feature by selecting “Settings” in this dialog. 
    • Users can later adjust or disable Working Hours by going to Calendar on the web ( and clicking Settings > General > Working hours.

A new notification will show if an event outside the working hours of guests.




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