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Updates to Admin console to always show the latest data, “date picker” being removed


This launch changed the default behavior of the Highlights, Aggregate Reports, and ​ Security reports in the Admin console to always show the latest available metrics for each data source. Before, these reports were filtered on a default date in the past that contained the first complete set of reports, which may have included delayed metrics even when more up to date information was available. Going forward, we’ll remove the date picker and always show you the latest available metrics and notify you when metrics are delayed.


 Các cập nhật Admin console để luôn hiển thị dữ liệu mới nhất, “date picker” bị xóa




  • Under the Highlights​ section, you can now see the latest data for each metric.​
  • Under Apps Usage​ , ​ Document Link Shared Status​ , ​ User Status​ , ​ Storage​ , and ​ Security Reports​ ,​ we’ll display “Latest data available for: ” for the relevant metric when you hover over the metric.
  • A ‘*’ symbol may appear next to stale metric values under each section, indicating when data may be delayed compared to other metrics in the same section.


  • Does this change affect the Reporting API?  

No, the Reporting API is not affected by this change. We will notify you of any future API changes.

  • If the ‘date picker’ is removed, will I lose the ability to review results from the “last month” in the Highlights report?  

No, the drop down to view the “last 7 days”, “last month”, “last 6 months” (screenshot) will continue to function as it does today. Docs reporting data was often delayed (3+ biz days), so many customers were confused or didn’t realize that using the date picker didn’t allow them to see more recent data than what was actually available in the system – it gave them a false sense of control over the data. The new reporting heading explicitly states “latest data available”, which more accurately exhibits the data that is actually available. Admins can always search for data for a specific date range (historical) using the Reports API.

Note: this launch is rolling out gradually and may not be visible to all G Suite customers until mid-May.

Source: Gimasys


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