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Using G Suite to crack the code on amazing customer service



Happy customers are literally the bread and butter of Good Eggs, a three-year-old company that brings the local farmers’ market to your front door. To make sure they deliver on their promise of amazing customer service, manager here have creatively made use of G Suite tools.


How to deal with a large amount of customer feedback? Google Spreadsheets is of great help

“We get all sorts of questions from customers. Maybe there is an issue with a product in their order, they didn’t get quite the right thing that they wanted. So they’ll contact our team about that. For every type of contact that we get from a customer, we can label it with a specific label. At the end of the week, I download all of that data into my Google Spreadsheets and from there I can really analyze it. We’ll go through the entire Spreadsheet row by row, look at all the data and then we usually produce some charts which are super easily to display the data in a really digestible way for the other team and for customer service teams” said Elissa. These analyzed charts can be shared to other teams in four hub cities without much effort so they will get to know the result of their labor or all the information needed to accomplish their goal that quarter.


With G Suite, teams are able to track the customer experience every step of the way—from the minute people place their order on the website to the moment it’s delivered to their doorstep—so problems are addressed as fast as they come up.



How to keep sale reps up to date with all the changes in their work? Google Forms is the answer

Customer care managers also use Google Forms to create little quizzes called “knowledge puzzles” that help keep reps up to speed on the latest changes to delivery process, inventory, customer protocols, and more.


“In general, communication is a bit difficult with four hub team spread across the country in different time zones. To make sure that everyone knows all the information and knows it completely is very difficult. So each week they get a knowledge puzzle and so I create it using Google Forms. And so they take this puzzle every single week, and get instant feedback. Then they can archive the whole puzzle in their G mail to just have this puzzle of knowledge that they can reference” said Bonne.


“I didn’t know that when someone answer a question, you could make it jump to a specific page with like a picture, where I can show maybe a screen shot of how this product work, so they can see it in action. It gives me more space to teach stuff and show stuff, as opposed to just questions. I can record their email address as they are taking the form, so I’ve had perfect attendance of who’s actually retaining this information or at least reading the information, as opposed to an email – I have no idea who reads my updates. So in that sense, it’s a more effective tool to communicate than we’ve ever seen before”


Hangouts on Google for more effective meetings

Teams in different time zones also meet regularly through Google Hangouts video chat, where they work together in real time on documents, reports and spreadsheets—ensuring that the information they’re sending to their customers is always as fresh and up to date as their produce.


As can be seen, Good Eggs not only uses G Suite tools individually but also combines them together to bring the most effective communication tool for its organization. To have more detailed information about G Suite, please follow this link.

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