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Why is Google Workspace suitable for growing businesses?

As businesses grow and expand their operations, previously simple tasks such as recruiting, training employees, arranging document protection, etc. will no longer be simple. Everything will become more complicated and time consuming if you don't know how to organize and manage it properly from the beginning. The move up Google Workspace customers will help businesses manage the changes and fluctuations that occur, so that the development is convenient, secure and as effective as possible. 

1/ Growing businesses need to manage change and volatility

As a business grows and expands, there will be some factors that seem to be nothing to worry about but become weaknesses and cause problems. These include: The ability to maintain corporate culture, train and help new employees integrate, collaborate - work together between employees in different branches, etc. However, thanks to the development of the digital era, at least businesses will have technological support as well as tools to do the above well. Google Workspace is an example. Thanks to being built on a cloud computing platform, Google Workspace helps businesses scale faster and more effectively, whether it is national or global scale.

Take the example of helping new employees accept the job and integrate into the new environment. Certainly when expanding scale, the number of employees will also increase accordingly. Not just 5 - 10 people, but up to tens or hundreds. With Google Workspace, admins or HR departments only need to perform a few simple steps in the Admin Console to complete up to 80% of "on-board" tasks for their employees.

Practical examples? These include Twinkl Educational Publishing House – Twinkl Educational Publishing. By quickly realizing and taking advantage of this benefit, the company was able to grow its headcount from 100 in its territory to more than 500 in 14 other countries (and in just three years!). Twinkl's CTO shared that: “Google Workspace helps us grow without any barriers”.

Now, Twinkl's globally dispersed team relies heavily on Google Workspace to work together, using Hangouts Meet as a means of meeting each other every day. Google Drive is also used to ensure that information necessary for work is always available, securely. The newest application of Google Workspace - Google Meet - is also fully utilized to help teams exchange information and bring projects into operation more quickly. It can be said that Google Workspace is the central element, the "backbone" of Twinkl's global development strategy as well as its goal of becoming a multinational company.

2/ Growing businesses need security

Cyber attack Targeting growing companies is often a factor that is often overlooked until it actually happens, because just one loophole can cause great damage to the business itself. In fact, according to the Enterprise Cybersecurity Threat Index in the second quarter of 2019 of AppRiver, more than half (55%) of small and medium business (SMB) heads responded that they would accept paying a “ransom” to hackers to get their company's stolen data back. This number increases to 74% for the company Large SMB (with 150 - 250 employees), and even 4 out of 10 people will "definitely pay the ransom demanded by hackers at almost any price" to prevent the source of information from being leaked. out or lost. It can be said that these cases, if they do not lead the business to the brink of bankruptcy, will also put the business in a lot of trouble "falling from the sky".

The dangers of becoming a hacker's target are real, and permanent, but they can also be prevented. Most cyber attacks usually start with a phishing email (email phishing) and ends up with the user clicking on the link containing the malicious code. Gmail can prevent 99.9% types of spam, email threats (Business Email Compromise) or phishing emails from "stepping" into your mailbox, or employees in the company. Administrators can also build rules to protect sensitive data such as credit card information, internal documents, etc. from being shared to the outside, whether accidentally or intentionally.

Zenconnect – a small company in France specializing in providing cloud computing services chose Google Workspace without having to maintain a dedicated security department. The reason is that the features and settings of Google Workspace are often very simple to manage and ensure security for the business. As well as any customer using the service Google Cloud Platform, Zenconnect leverages deep integration between Google Workspace and GCP to enable access management – identity management (Cloud Identity) right in the same admin panel, thereby simplifying all installation. 

3/ Growing businesses need to operate as efficiently as possible

Scaling up development will often also mean having to spend all the time and effort to operate in limited resource conditions. This requires businesses to operate efficiently – this is not a goal to aim for, but a must from the start.

Why G Suite is suitable for growing businesses 1

With the backing of artificial intelligence, Google Workspace can help employees get work done faster than ever. For example, Assistive Technology in Google Drive predicts and automatically gives display what the user is looking for quickly. Thanks to that, each person will not need to spend time "digging" information in the traditional way. Or in Gmail, artificial intelligence can help draft drafts faster or remind you to deal with emails you accidentally forgot.

The essence of applications built in the cloud is convenience, because users will not spend any time waiting for the system to update. If you use a laptop with Windows operating system, surely there are many times when you ... get frustrated, because while customers only have a few minutes to wait for you, you have to spend hours waiting for the computer to update. But with software built in the cloud, you may not even know when the system downtime is. Not to mention, with just one account and one device, your employees can work anywhere without necessarily being present at the office.

Besides that, The ability to integrate with the applications of famous technology firms such as Salesforce, SAP, DocuSign will also make the workflow more convenient.

A recent report requested by Google and Forrester estimates that: Companies that use Google Workspace have tripled their return on investment (ROI) in cost savings, in just three years. The statistical reason is due to: Increased employee productivity; cuts in technical support; move away from traditional hardware and consolidate the use of service software. 

GANT – a global retailer – was able to accelerate the opening of its flagship stores 75% faster than the normal speed. Specifically, the company can open a store in just 3 months, instead of the average time of 12 months.


If your business is also on the rise, or is planning to expand its scale, this is the time you need to consider investing in tools that were born and developed "in the cloud" like Google Workspace. . Applications like these not only open up growth opportunities and improve data security, but more importantly, can also help you save time, effort and money.

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