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It's easier to implement two-step 2-SV authentication

What’s new: Security Key Enforcement is ok debut in January 2017 and allows Enterprise domain names to use the security key as a two-factor authentication option, thereby protecting users from phishing. In addition to the security key, G Suite administrators can also choose other 2-SV methods such as the Google Authentication application, receiving messages or calls. To make it easier to deploy 2-SV to your domain, we've added new options in the Admin console:


Security key from the admin for the end user: Administrators can now enter security keys on behalf of their users. After redirecting from the Admin console to the user's page, press ADD NEW KEY and you can add new security using standard security key implementation.



Stages of implementation 2-SV: Currently, every time a business creates an account for a new user, 2-SV will be done, that user will have to do two-step authentication during his first login. Based on feedback from the admins, we've found that these implementation phases will help users better familiarize themselves with 2-SV.



As such, admins can now clear an execution phase from the Admin console, during which time new users can log in with just a password and complete 2-SV setup.

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