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Whitelist trusted apps for your domain to ensure apps work properly


What’s changing

To give end users more granular control over what account data they choose to share with each app, we’re changing how users give apps permissions to access their information. See our Google Developers blog post for more details on what’s changing. These changes may impact how well an app functions should a user choose not to provide certain permissions.


As a result, we recommend that G Suite admins whitelist apps they trust and want their users to be able to use.


Google Security


Who’s impacted

Admins only


Why you’d whitelist apps

Whitelisting an app means admins assign permissions at the domain level, and that end users don’t have to make choices on permissions for those apps. By whitelisting apps admins can ensure apps have the permissions they need to work properly.


How to get started

Helpful links

Help Center: Whitelisting connected apps


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