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View basic recipient information in G Suite apps

What’s changing: Whether your users are scheduling meetings or following Google+ posts, it's important that they can easily see who they're interacting with. That's why Google has shown basic user information in a card, this feature is only visible when you use G Suite on the Web (mobile users will not see)


These cards show basic user information and will appear when the user hovers over his or her name or profile picture. The information may include data such as:


  • Title
  • Working position
  • Department
  • Contact information (email, phone number, etc.)
  • Call-to-action: you can click on the icons that appear below this information card to contact them directly, by email, meeting invitation, chat or video call, etc.


View contact information


To get complete information about these tags, you, as a G Suite admin, can fill in data this to users in your business in a few places like:



You can also delegate editing of some profile fields to end users in the Admin console, by going to Apps > G Suite > Directory. These users can then edit their profiles at In addition, in the future Google will provide support for you to authorize some other items such as Management and Job Location.

Other benefits of filling in user's basic information
Google suggests that you should fill in the basic information of the user so that they get additional benefits. Example: In the near future, Calendar will start using work location to intelligently suggest meeting locations.


Show contact information


You can now see these cards when using Google Calendar and Google+ on the web. They will start appearing in other G Suite apps in the coming months.


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