G Suite Business

G Suite Business is an advanced version of G Suite Basic. In addition to the superior features that support users and administrators in G Suite Basic, G Suite Business also supports:


  • Drive – Unlimited storage: No more trouble of status quo with at unlimited storage and security at its best.
  • Vault – Advanced control for admin in Drive. Easily search and export to different formats. Recover deleted data (within setting period)
  • Detailed report: Check and report for content and sharing on Drive


Store unlimited number of messages in Gmail, documents in Google Drive or images in Google Photos.

Notes:  For business  using less than 5 accounts, each account’s capacity is 1TB.

  • Search, find, archive, export user data with Vault. Easily examine user activities and compliance.
    • Extract more information from Drive reports, custom alerts and APIs.
    • Get customized notifications about activities in Google Drive (for example: when data is shared outside of you domain).
    • As an administrator, you can view and manage security settings for a specific user in Google Admin Console. You can also revoke their access to services of third party and security keys if needed.
    • Control how users share Google Drive files and folders inside and outside your organization. Accessibility can be limited to viewing, commenting or editing.
    • Controll exactly what users can or can not do with their application, based on organization policy.
    • Use Documents add-ons is built by third-party developers.








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