G Suite Enterprise

Premium version of G Suite, with a wide range of advanced features for management and security: Data loss prevention for Gmail and Drive, advanced email log analysis.

Advanced report

G Suite activity report. Security alert to detect suspicious activity within business.

Third-party add-ons:

Using thir party add-ons to (accepted and recommended by Google) to store or find sensitive content.

Mobile device management

Using G Suite admin console to manage Android or iOS mobile devices when users are on the go. User data are always secure when their devices are lost or hacked.


  • Add another layer of protection to prevent the company’s sensitive information leakage to third parties or outsiders.
  • Scan email content with special information such as credit card or social network password, and set up custom based on actions when this particular content is detected .
  • Important documents, when is scanned and sent, Google’s OCR functions can scan, change from image to text to minimize the loss of data in accordance with the organization.
  • Analysis using Gmail, custom query sophisticated high-performance, using BigQuery web UI, command line, or third-party tools for in-depth analysis. Use that analysis tool to create custom reports such as Google Data Studio.
  • It is possible to use third-party applications (accepted or recommended by Google) as a place to store or search for sensitive email.
  • Implement some features that users are required complying to enhance security (password complexity, password change time).
  • Enhance email security by enabling S/MIME encryption.

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