G Suite (previously known as Google Apps for Work) is a suite of productive tools which are based on cloud computing in the form of software as a service. G Suite for business currently has three editions: G Suite Basic (30GB storage), G Suite Business (advanced edition of G Suite, unlimited storage) and G Suite Enterprise (premium edition, unlimited storage). Below are detailed comparisions of G Suite editions:

Product Suite

G Suite BasicG Suite BusinessG Suite Enterprise
Professional business email (you@yourcompany.com)
Intelligent office suite
Access across devices (computer, phone, or tablet)
Works without Internet connection
Compatible with Microsoft Office ✔
Centralized administration console
Vault for eDiscovery and archiving
Advanced enterprise controls and customization
Secure cloud-based file storage per user30GBUnlimitedUnlimited
*G Suite Basic can use Google Vault as an add-on service.


Designed for work

G Suite BasicG Suite BusinessG Suite Enterprise
Ad-free experience
Mobile device management
Easy to use migration tools
24/7 support by phone, email, and online


Secure by design

G Suite BasicG Suite BusinessG Suite Enterprise
99.9% uptime guarantee
Enterprise certifications and compliance
OAuth apps whitelisting
Advanced Data Loss Prevention for Gmail and Drive
Security center

Open and Extensible

 G Suite Basic G Suite Business G Suite Enterprise
G Suite Marketplace with hundreds of business apps
APIs and Admin SDK for extending functionality
App Maker for building custom apps
Analyze Gmail logs in BigQuery



G Suite BasicG Suite BusinessG Suite Enterprise
Professional business email (@yourdomain.com)
Enhanced productivity & intelligence
Recover deleted messages for 30 days
Global spam settings with compliance filters
Maximum recipients per message, user, or day
Create aliases
TLS server-to-server encryption
Content management filters & custom policies
Group for business ✔
Data loss protection (DLP) for Gmail
S/MIME Encryption


Since January 31st, 2017, Data Loss Prevention (DLP) for Gmail is available for G Suite Enterprise only. G Suite Business users whose licenses activated before March 31st, 2017 can continue to use Gmail DLP until Januray 1st 2020, as long as they keep renewing G Suite until then.

Calendar – Hangouts – Google+

G Suite BasicG Suite BusinessG Suite Enterprise
Sync Calendar with a phone or tablet
Sync Exchange based calendar with G Suite
Group calendars
To-Dos (Reminders)
Tools for company resources managment
Maximum participants in a Hangouts Chat room8,0008,0008,000
Maximum number of participants in a Hangouts Meet video call252550
Record meetings and save them to Drive



G Suite BasicG Suite BusinessG Suite Enterprise
Share files quickly & set expiration dates for files shared
Access all your Drive files directly from your Mac/PC
Make files available offline
Simple sharing controls
Data encryption at rest and in transit
Robust audit logs to analyze usage
Organization unit level controls for Drive
Custom Admin Alerts
eDiscovery on Drive files
Team Drive


Docs – Sheets – Slides – Sites – Form

G Suite BasicG Suite BusinessG Suite Enterprise
Create, edit, collaborate anywhere, anytime
Real-time collaboration
Voice typing
Revision history
Smart editing and styling tools
Supports file types, like Office
Easy to create website with Google Sites (www.yourcompany.com)
Secure your site without requiring IT



G Suite EnterpriseG Suite BusinessG Suite Basic
2 step verification + user managed security keys
Single-sign-on (SSO) across applications (SAML, OAuth, Open ID Connect) and SCIM provisioning
Detailed reporting and audit logs
Security alerts and reporting
Domain-wide admin managed security keys
Mobile audit reporting and API
Advanced Drive audit reports and API
Control mobile apps for specific groups of users (Android, iOS)
Data loss prevention for Gmail and Drive


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