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What is Google Cloud Platform

Google Cloud platform (GCP) is the Cloud computing platform allowing businesses and organizations to build and run software applications on the platform of Google has and using for all of their products and services such as Google Search, Google Maps, Google Apps, Chrome, Youtube,... 

GCP provides all necessary services such as Big Data, Storage, Compute Engine, Networking, Management, Developer Tools, Mobile. Hence, Businesses only need to focus on building the application without worrying about the cost and workforce for building, maintaining and managing the system.

Google’s Solution from Gimasys

VM Migration

Consultation and deployment services to assist customers to migrate from the on-premise system or other Cloud providers to the Cloud Compute Engine on the Google Cloud Platform

Storage & Database Migration

Consultation and deployment services to migrate the Customer’s data/ data center to the Centralized storage system of Google with speed, stable, and Security designed.

Especially, Cloud SQL can well integrate with other datacenters such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL; will provide the customer with a lot of options and secure for Google will operating the database server

Data Warehouse Modernization

Consulting and deployment service to modernize your data warehouse with BigQuery on the Google Cloud Platform.

Wanting to learn more about products and services in Google Cloud Ecosystem


Cost-saving for investing in hardware,  software and IT workforce, to form and operate the physical infrastructure.

With the Commit Use Discount mechanism, Google will discount up to 57% for customers who commit using GCP service for 1-3 years and discount available for all using servers.

High efficiency

Fast data processing on Google Cloud Platform will improve the business’s productivity

Global DataCenter Networks are secured and innovated constantly, increasing the speed of processing of all application and bring the advantage of cost for business


Google’s infrastructures are placed all over the world in order to maintain the system run smoothly.

The backup data after the disasters or calamities will be easier helping businesses constantly active but saving the investment fund.


Google provides with many policies, technologies and Controls for Business has the ability to strengthen the system security

Furthermore, always automatically updating features of Google helps the system stay secure. 

GCP Deployment journey with Gimasys.

Consulting and deployment process from Gimasys is standardized from Google, helping business build a most suitable plan to move to GCP

Collecting information

Free Consultation with our experts

You will be consulted directly with our certified experts by Google to plan the solution for using GCP effectively and efficiently. Hence, your business will be able to save a considerable cost compared to working directly with Google

Deploying Solutions.

After having all the suitable solutions, our Gimasys’s engineers will support you with effective and cost-saving progress during the migration from the current system to Google Cloud Platform

Optimizing system

You will always have support from Gimasys during the time using our service to optimize your infrastructure so that your business can use the resources on GCP efficiently. At the same time, solving the cost and security issues.

Managing infrastructure.

Gimasys provides options for managing systems to ensure your infrastructure will be well-operated and secured.

Why Gimasys?

More than 10 years of experience

Gimasys has been a strategic partner of Google in Vietnam with more than 10 years of experience in deploying Google’s products and services to our customers such as Jetstar, Điền Quân Media, Jollibee, Novaland, Yeah 1, Momo, Heineken, BIM Group…

Better Customer Service

Gimasys is the first partner building our customer support service standardized from Google in Vietnam, from consulting progress to deployment. Our technical support team is available online 24/7 to support our customer

Always for Customer’s benefits

The success of our Customer is Gimasys’s success. We always endeavor to bring the most suitable technology solutions for our customers with the most affordable price in the market