Google Maps for Work

“One Map, endless possibilities”. Since the release more than 10 years ago, Google Maps have achieved remarkable success: 1 billion user, 500 million user on Mobile monthly, integrated on more than 2 million websites and applications. Google Maps for Work helps companies and organizations to optimize operating process, decision making, and customer approach.

With Google Maps for Work solution, enterprises get more benefits:

• Better decision making
Google Maps API provides an analytic tool which allows enterprises to watch how customer access and interact with the maps.

• Optimized content
Google Maps API allows enterprises to build strong applications to supervise the content, report is based on location of  access devices, all is display on familiar interface of Google Maps.

• Attract users

By integrating Maps into website and applications, enterprises can create application with more intuitive experience, diverse and attractive. It encourages more users engagement.

• Build powerful applications
Improve abilities of applications based on location of head office with Google Places API, helps to search nearby location by suggested lists when users sign in.

Google Maps API

This is an ideal solution for enterprises who want to integrate Maps into websites:

• Add image data, heatmaps, guide for direction, streets vision mode and integrate images from satellite into personal applications.

• Road guiding for drivers in 199 countries: Google Maps API allows users find direction to shops, hotels, head offices and others.

• Build applications have full authorization to access Google global database with over 100 millions enterprises and favourite places.

Google Places API

One of the most familiar features from Google Maps is autocomplete, the top feature of Google, brings better search experience to users and helps them to search stores’ locations.

• Easy to search nearby locations by suggested lists.

• Calculate to optimize travel distance.