Google Search for Work

Google Search for Work (GSfW) provides companies the effective solution for search include: Google Site Search (GSS) – Search solutions for public websites, and Google Search Appliance (GSA) – Search solutions which can be authorized and monitored strictly by internal system. GSfW brings to users friendly experience as what they have known about

Google Search Appliance

Google Search Appliance ( GSA) includes hardware devices and software solution which allows users search easily via browser like GOOGLE.COM. GSA get information from all internal systems but only give the result that users are authorized and related. GSA helps enterprises to:

• Reduce time and cost for human resource to search documents, data statistic and reports.

• Improve productivity, efficiency and employee’s working standards.

• Decline risks of security by the authorization of result display to users.

Google Site Search

Google Site Search (GSS) brings Google’s search technology into enterprises’ websites, helps users to search information easily like using GOOGLE.COM. Result is diverse, multiple dimensions and optimized with user’s search history. Fast manipulation with prompted keywords, display pages without advertising, and Google’s reputation ensures the result is objective.