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Two changes to navigation in Admin console reports

What’s new: We’ve made two changes in the Admin console to improve the visibility of reports for specific G Suite apps.


First, we’re renaming “Aggregate reports” to “Apps.”


Second, we’re moving all of the app-specific reports previously nested under Reports > Aggregate reports to the left-side navigation. These will appear beneath an expandable arrow and be organized in three subsections under Reports: “Apps,” “Devices,” and “Users.” All of the previous user-level reports will now be nested under the “Users” subsection of reports. This change will allow you to jump right into these reports from the main reports page in the Admin console and bring a clear categorization to individual reports.


Both of these changes can be found by navigating to Reports > Apps in the Admin console.


Old reports navigation:


Google Admin console



New reports navigation:


Google Admin console


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