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Google Appsheet is Google's "no-code" development platform that allows organizations to quickly build and deploy custom enterprise solutions that easily automate traditional manual processes. 

If your business is using an all-in-one application Google Workspace customers then you can easily create and manage applications depending on the nature and requirements of the job with Google Appsheet, thereby creating a breakthrough in operational management and cost-effective optimization.

Why you should choose AppSheet

Build apps without code!

Automate & Optimize Workflows!

Enhance customer experience!

Increase employee productivity!

AppSheet Features

Multi-platform support

The AppSheet platform helps anyone build apps for iOS, Android or the Web without writing a single line of code.

Data integration

AppSheet works seamlessly with any Platform, whether you're using Google Workspace (G Suite), Microsoft 365, SQL, or other leading data providers as your primary data source.

Data collection

Real-time data collection with text, images, pre-filled forms, QR codes, barcodes, GPS, etc.

Customize UI

A suitable layout should be simple to use and effective. You can customize colors, icons, images, fonts, etc. to bring the app to life.

Workflow automation

To make business processes and reporting easier, you can build rules in your customer engagement workflows based on key app prompts or preset times.

Offline access

AppSheet applications can also work offline. This means your employees can work no matter where they are.

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    Benefits of AppSheet

    appsheet 2

    Reduce application build time

    Without learning to code, you can now build your custom apps with free templates.

    Empower your employees

    AppSheet provides a space for your employees to innovate and create apps to streamline their work.

    Create a safe workplace

    AppSheet gives employees all the tools they need to work safely & efficiently.

    Increase productivity for office work

    AppSheet integrates with other Google apps to increase productivity and automate workflow.

    Increase customer experience

    Create a smooth customer experience by simplifying your business.


    Can be easily customized with no-code feature. You only need a local data connection or data stored in the cloud.

    AppSheet's outstanding solutions

    cloud technology for business

    Business Development

    Streamline interactions with customers, partners, and other users outside the organization

    Application industries: Retail, Healthcare, Government,…

    Common use cases:

    • Interaction with customers
    • Inventory / Logistics
    • Sales / Marketing
    Cloud 2

    Operational management

    Manage business data, employee information, and automate project workflows.

    Application industries: Most of the categories, supporting business activities in general.

    Common use cases:

    • Accounting, HR
    • Project management, training
    • Workflow automation
    cloud 3

    Frontline management

    The tool helps connect employees who are working in the field of construction, transportation, .... with the main office.

    Application industries: Construction, energy and transportation

    Common use cases:

    • Service at the point of sale
    • Check & Monitor
    • Ensure facilities, safety and health

    Why choose Gimasys

    Established in 2004, with more than 17 years of experience, International Management System Integration Co., Ltd. (Gimasys) has become a reliable and reputable partner for information technology projects, providing solutions. Digital transformation solutions for businesses.

    Along the way of its development, Gimasys has established a partnership and become the leading supplier of Google in Vietnam with more than 2000 customers nationwide.

    With this close association, Gimasys affirms that it is always catching up with the latest technology trends and is always ready to meet the improvement needs of businesses, especially in the current era of harsh digital transformation.

    • Obtained the Google Cloud Specialization certificate with specialization in Work transformation.
    • 18 years of experience in the Cloud field.
    • 30+ Workspace certificates.
    • 20+ Google Cloud certificates.
    • More than 1000 customers have been using.
    • As a reputable partner providing services to leading corporations in Vietnam such as Masan, Jetstar, VNA, etc.
    • Our team of technical experts have passed the required exams required by Google.
    • Always ready to support customers 24/7.
    • Owning a standard Google support consulting system, always accompanies customers throughout the use process.
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