Google for Work Ecosystem

G Suite

G Suite: G Suite (was called Google Apps for Work ) is a suit of productive tools which are based on cloud computing in the form of software as a service. It includes Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Hangouts, Google Drive, Google Sites, Google +... G Suite helps companies and organizations to increase productivity by improving internal and external communication, sharing and collaboration....


Chrome for Work

IT managers nowadays are more interested in technologies which improves mobility, increases flexibility and meets the expectation for modern technology with ensured security and reasonable price. In order to catch up this trend, Google releases the suit of devices Chrome for Work (CfW) with strong, professional and easy-to-manage features and suitable expense for all size of companies....


Google Search for Work

Google Search for Work (GSfW) provides companies the effective solution for search include: Google Site Search (GSS) - Search solutions for public websites, and Google Search Appliance (GSA) - Search solutions which can be authorized and monitored strictly by internal system. GSfW brings to users friendly experience as what they have known about


Google Maps for Work

“One Map, endless possibilities”. Since the release more than 10 years ago, Google Maps have achieved remarkable success: 1 billion user, 500 million user on Mobile monthly, integrated on more than 2 million websites and applications. Google Maps for Work helps companies and organizations to optimize operating process, decision making, and customer approach.


Android for Work

Với Android for Work (AfW), Enterprises and organizations can separate personal applications and working applications on one employee’s device. Applications for work will be managed while employee can normally use personal applications. It helps enterprises and organizations to reduce risks related to security with the highest working efficiency of employee....