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Google Maps API

The Google Maps Platform is a set of APIs and SDKs for developers to embed Google Maps in their apps or web. With different requirements, Google Maps has its own products for routing, maps, and location.

What is Google Maps API?

It's the ideal solution for businesses that plan to integrate responsive, customizable mapping for business purposes that deliver a wide range of experiences to your users with features such as:

  • Add data visualizations, heat maps, street views and embed satellite images into the personal app.
  • Build apps with full access to Google's worldwide database of over 100 million businesses and places of interest
  • Deliver a richer experience to your users through 3D and 2D maps 

Notable features such as: 

  • Dynamic Maps
  • Static Street View
  • Static Maps
  • Embed
  • Elevation

Google Places API Solution

One of the most familiar features of Google Maps is autocomplete, Google's flagship function, which provides a better search experience to help customers locate your stores.

  • Easily search for nearby places through a variety of categories.
  • Calculate the most convenient travel route for the best optimization.

With typical features such as: 

  • Place Details
  • Current Place
  • Find Place
  • Autocomplete
  • Geocoding
  • Geolocation
  • Time Zone

Google Maps API Solution

The feature of displaying directions for users from the most optimal location A to B with data and actual traffic situation, very applicable to businesses transporting goods and services 

  • Create efficient routes to reduce costs and improve customer experience
  • Choose faster routes or reallocate deliveries to workers based on real-time traffic conditions

With typical features such as: 

  • Directions
  • Distance Matrix
  • Roads
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