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Google BigQuery

Google BigQuery is a cloud-based big data analytics web service for processing very large read-only data sets. A serverless, highly scalable, and cost-effective multi-cloud data warehouse designed for business agility.

BigQuery is designed to analyze data on the order of billions of rows, using SQL-like syntax. It runs on infrastructure Google Cloud Storage and can be accessed using a REST-oriented application program interface (API).

The benefits Google BigQuery brings to businesses:

  • Manage enterprise data insights with a secure and scalable platform with built-in machine learning
  • Make business decisions from data in the clouds with a flexible multi-cloud analytics solution
  • Run analytics at scale with 3 years lower total cost of ownership (TCO) 26% –34% compared to cloud data warehouse alternatives
  • Parse petabytes of data using ANSI-SQL at lightning speed, with no overhead
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