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How to create free Group mail with Gmail account

Google Group Mail is a place where a group of users (team) such as project team, administrative department, accounting department, human resources,... can share, exchange information or discuss issues with each other. You can email to everyone, Invite them to attend events or share information and documents easily through an email address.

Benefits of Group Mail

Group Mail brings many benefits to users, including:

  • Save time: Instead of having to email each person individually, you can email the whole group at once.
  • Enhance communication effectiveness: Group Mail helps you easily exchange information and coordinate with each other.
  • Enhance security: Group Mail helps protect your information from unauthorized people accessing it.

Instructions for creating an email group for ease of work

New features of email groups on Google Workspace

Google has released some new features for group email on Google Workspace. These features are intended to help users more easily manage and use email groups.

Here are some new features of group email on Google Workspace:

  • Create email groups faster and easier: Users can create email groups by entering the group's name and description.
  • Edit group member permissions: Users can grant or revoke permissions to group members, such as email sending permissions, meeting participation permissions, and document access permissions.
  • Follow group activities: Users can see who has joined the group, who has emailed the group, and what meetings are scheduled for the group.
  • Search groups: Users can search for groups by name, description, or members.

Here are some specific examples of how to use the new email group features on Google Workspace:

  • A business can use the email group creation feature more quickly and easily to create email groups for departments, projects, or other collaborative groups.
  • A teacher can use the group member permissions feature to grant students permission to join meetings or access documents.
  • An organization can use group activity tracking to manage groups and ensure that they are used effectively.

Overall, the new email group features on Google Workspace bring many benefits to users, helping them manage and use email groups more easily.

Tips for using group email effectively

Group mail is a useful feature on Google Workspace that allows you to send emails to a group of people at the same time. However, to use group mail effectively, you need to keep in mind a few things:

  • Choose the right recipient: Group mail should only be used when you need to send email to a group of related people. If you send an email to a large or irrelevant group of people, your email may be ignored or considered spam.
  • Clear email subject line: The email subject line is an important factor in deciding whether the recipient will open your email or not. Write a short, concise email subject line, and clearly state the email content.
  • Email content is short and concise: Remember that group email recipients often have a lot of emails to read. Therefore, write email content that is short, concise, and straight to the point.
  • Use group mail features: Google Workspace offers a number of useful features for group mail, such as:
  • Manage member: You can add or remove members from the mail group easily.
  • Chat history: You can view the chat history of group mail to capture previously exchanged information.
  • Search: You can search emails in group mail easily.

Here are some examples of how to use group mail effectively:

  • Send general notices: You can use group mail to send general announcements to all employees, such as announcements about new regulations, holiday plans, or upcoming events.
  • Organize group discussions: You can use group mail to organize group discussions about a specific issue.
  • Create an online community: You can use group mail to create an online community for your customers, partners, or employees.

With a little attention, you can use group mail effectively to improve business efficiency and communication.

New features of email groups on Google Workspace

Instructions on how to create a free Group Email with a Gmail account

So to create a Google Group, you just need to follow these simple 3 steps:

Step 1: Create Group

(Note: everyone in Google Group must have a Gmail or Google account)

Visit the page Log in with your Gmail account and click the button Create group (create a group). In page Create a group Enter information and select settings for the group according to the instructions below

  • Group name: Name the group, for example: mkt1234
  • Group email address: Set a common Email address for the group, for example: mkt1234

This group will have a common Email address and the group access link is

  • Group description: Describe some characteristics of the group.
  • Group's primary language: Language selection.
  • Group type: Choose the type of group that's right for you. Currently, Google has 4 types of groups for you to choose from to suit the group's purpose
    • Email list: Email lists are used to distribute newsletters or to let people know about important events or developments.
    • Web Forum (discussion board): Web forums are commonly used for discussing assignments if you are a school or working together on projects if you are a business.
    • Q&A Forum: Q&A forum, used for discussion around questions.
    • Collaborative inbox: Collaborative inbox.
  • Basic permissions: Select and assign usage rights to members. Depending on the needs of the group creator, you can choose features for the remaining members such as: View topics (users can view topics); Post (users can post to know), Join the group (join group).

Once updated and installed, click the button Create in the upper left corner of the screen.

Step 2: Invite members

After completing the above steps, you can add members to the newly created group in 2 ways:

  • Method 1: Invite members by email (Mto members via Email). Enter the email addresses of the members you want to invite and separate the email addresses with a ",". Below, fill in the message section. Each person will receive an invitation to join your group and they must click accept before receiving any future emails. Note, the invitation is only valid for 1 week.

In the left panel, you can add members to the mail group in two ways

  • Method 2: Add members directly (Add users directly) You can enter the email address of the invitee in the same way as above, the Email addresses are also separated by ",". When you use this method, that person will immediately become a member and start receiving mail. However, this method is not recommended And you need to be careful when using this feature. Only add people you know, avoid sending Emails that the recipient does not want, this can cause your account to be disabled by Google.

Step 3: Use Group mail

Right now, you can work and communicate with everyone using Email through Google Group.

So with Google Group Mail, sharing and exchanging information with many members in the same department or organization becomes easier. You can also choose to follow information from the Group via Email, mark favorite topics, and classify folders to quickly find unread information.

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