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Google Newsletter February 2018

Always listening to user feedback, Google has updated many new features not only for end users but also for Admins of G Suite. And an important and indispensable part of each update is security – improving the control of attachments in Gmail or suggesting other security habits that users should practice... This news also helps users understand how to update any changes on Google Drive File when working in groups.


G Suite


Icon The best security analytics and habits from Google

Google wants to make it easier to manage and secure your business data. A big part of this is making sure that you and the admins in your company have an overview of security issues – and, more importantly, that you can know and take prompt action on reports. fox get… See more


Icon Improved accessibility to Google Sheets, Slides, Drawings

Google has always wanted to make sure its products work for everyone, so new features have been added to the editing tools. And especially, Google has added support for Braille language in Google Sheets, and support for magnifying the screen in Google Slides, Drawings... See more


Icon Slack activity: Track document changes in Google Drive

Previously, Google announced the combination of Drive and Slack: so you can go to Slack and still update the log of activity happening in Google Drive. Now you'll never miss any important updates with Slack or Google Drive… See more


Icon Option to return to the old Google Calendar interface for domains

In October 2017, Google announced a new user interface for Google Calendar on the web. Note that Admins have many options to help their users transition to this new interface… See more


Icon Search in folders on Google Drive

Have you updated all the extremely useful search features on Google Drive yet? Google has just introduced a new way to search in folders stored on Google Drive to help users find data faster… See more


Icon Google continues to improve the menu section in Google Docs, Slides

Based on usage data and user feedback, Google has made changes to the menus and toolbars in Google Docs and Slides on the Web… See more


Icon Restrict access for new Google Sites

Because some Google Sites are only for certain users, Google has allowed to limit exactly who can see the content you build in the new Google Sites…. See more


Icon Assign more privileges to Gmail accounts

Secure security management and efficient email threading are critical to the success of any business, but it can become a chore for a G Suite Admin. To alleviate this problem, Google has launched 3 new perks for….See more


Icon New menu navigation panel for Admin console

Google released a new navigation panel for the sidebar menu to easily view, search and directly go to information and settings in the Admin console. This change brings some more convenience….See more


Icon Improved attachment control in Gmail

Là một admin G Suite, một trong những phần công việc quan trọng nhất là giữ dữ liệu của doanh nghiệp không bị rơi “nhầm” vào tay nguời khác. Ngăn chặn mất dữ liệu Gmail (DLP) sẽ giúp bạn bằng cách cho phép quét, có cách xử lí một cách hệ thống luồng email từ bên trong và bên ngoài….See more 


Icon Manage Android devices without the Google Apps Device Policy app

Last year, Google released basic mobility management for iOS—the ability to manage employees' iOS devices, even when employees don't have an MDM player installed or configured. And now Google has launched this same feature for Android….See more


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