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Google Newsletter January 2018

In early 2018, Google made additions to applications in G Suite, giving users more useful tools in their daily work. New updates in the Admin console will also help admins with greater control, to protect business data.

Google Newsletter January 2018 (1)

Icon Google Sheets helps businesses in-depth data analysis

When data appears in spreadsheets, decoding and in-depth analysis of the data (insight) is a challenge whether you are a spreadsheet master or a data analysis expert. But thanks to advances in Cloud technology and artificial intelligence, you can instantly find meaning to make more informed decisions.

Icon Embed HTML and JavaScript in the new Google Sites

Recently Google allowed embedding web pages as iframes in the new Google Sites. With this new feature, Google gives us one more tool for website customization- Right now you can embed HTML and JavaScript code directly into your website…

Icon Improved menus and toolbars in Google Docs and Slides

Google has made some changes to the internal menus and toolbars Google Docs and Slides on the web. These changes will make some items easier to find and increase consistency when users use Docs and Slides…

Icon Two changes in navigation panel for Admin Console reports

Google has made two new changes in the Admin Console, namely the navigation panel, to improve the display of reports for specific G Suite apps…

Icon Regular updates on Drive File Stream and Backup and Sync changes

Earlier this year, Google launched Drive File Stream and Backup and Sync to make it easier for business users to access documents from their computers. With this update, Google will display regular notifications each so that users can know when there is a change in these two applications…

Icon New parameters for G Suite Admins and Google+ group moderators

Google has made additions to Google+ metrics so admins can better understand user activities as well as measurement parameters at the community level. Continuing this effort, Google introduces Google+ community metrics..

Icon New categories and languages for templates in Google Docs, Sheets, Slides

Google knows how valuable templates are to a company – they save employees valuable time, ensure their documents look professional, and show consistency across document types. documents sent by the company. That's why Google has developed templates into four new categories…

Icon Protect corporate data on jailbroken iOS devices

Google Mobile Management allows G Suite admins to control access to corporate data on managed devices directly from the Admin console. With this update, Google has given admins more control to protect data by preventing users from syncing company data on jailbroken iOS devices…

Icon Protecting enterprise data on Android devices violates privacy regulations

The Google Apps Device Policy app helps enforce corporate security policies on managed, protected Android devices and keeps them safer. If someone violates a security policy, it is important to ensure that your data cannot be accessed on that device…

Icon Easily enable or disable applications in the Admin console

Controlling enterprise settings as well as parts of the enterprise is an important part of G Suite admin. Google has made changes to the application settings in the Admin console…

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