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Google Workspace Newsletter June 2024

New ways to quickly format and organize data with tables in Google Sheets

To help solve for this, Google is excited to announce tables in Google Sheets. With this, you can...See more

Gemini ( is now available to Google Workspace users in more territories and languages

Earlier this year, Google announced that Google Workspace customers with a Gemini Enterprise or Business add-on now have access to chat with Gemini at more

Preview files in Google Drive with new hovercard feature

To review files in Google Drive, you currently have to open each file manually or right-click on a file and then click “Open with > Preview” from the context menu. Additionally, if you want to see what updates have been made to a file, you have to open the file and view the Activity Dashboard.See more

Send emails to spaces in Google Chat

Google is introducing a new way to manage your communication, including emails, in Google Chat.See more

Control your users’ access to new Gemini for Google Workspace features before general availability

Google is introducing a new setting in the Admin console which will give Gemini customers the ability to test See more

Use annotations to enhance your presentations in Google Meet

Google is excited to introduce annotation tools in Google Meet. Presenters and their appointed co-annotators can use these tools toSee more

Get notifications for all messages in a Google Chat space

Starting May 28, 2024, the organization name and department will be displayed on personal information cards and in the Contacts sidebar...See more

Personal information cards and Contacts sidebar will now display the organization name

Bắt đầu từ ngày 28 tháng 5 năm 2024, tên tổ chức và phòng ban sẽ được hiển thị trên thẻ thông tin cá nhân và trong thanh bên Danh bạ. Thông tin này cung cấp…See more

Expanding voice typing and automatic captions to additional browsers

Currently users can edit their documents in Google Docs or edit speaker notes in Google Slides ...See more

Seamlessly transfer between Google devices during a Google Meet call

In today's world, getting our work done can happen from many locations, across many devices. Beginning today,... See more

Workspace Data Protection rules are now available for Gmail in Beta

Launching first to beta, Google is introducing data loss prevention rules for Gmail. Data protection rules help...See more

Introducing a new AI Security add-on for Google Workspace

, Google is excited to introduce the AI Security add-on for Google Workspace customers.See more

Google Drive chính thức ra mắt “giao diện tối” (Dark Mode)

Today, Google is introducing a highly requested feature: Dark mode in Drive on Googleb. This new setting aims to...See more

Now generally available: Chat interoperability between Google Chat and other messaging platforms

At Google Cloud Next 2023, Google announced interoperability between Google Chat, Microsoft Teams and Slack— populated by Mio and previously available to Workspace customers through a Beta program. Google is pleased to announce that as of today, this solution is generally available for Google Workspace customers.See more

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