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IDC: Migrating to Google Cloud IaaS has a 318 percent ROI

Organizations worldwide continue to adopt cloud services to enable and support ongoing digital transformation. While the benefits of cloud infrastructure, including cost savings, agility, elasticity, and scalability are well understood, quantifying these benefits can be challenging.

In late 2023, Google released the results of a sponsored IDC research study to gain a better understanding of the tangible ROI of migrating to cloud infrastructure.The study comprised nine interviews with organizations in the United States, the UK, and Germany across the financial services, government, healthcare, real estate, retail, and utilities industries. The selected organizations employed Google Cloud Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and had firsthand experience with its advantages and expenses.

As part of this Google-sponsored research on the business value of Google Cloud IaaS, here are just a few snippets of what the IDC Research team found in the study:

  • 318% five-year ROI
  • 51% reduced cost of operations over five years
  • 57% more efficient IT infrastructure management teams
  • 75% faster deployment of new application features
  • $3.23 million in additional revenue gained

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