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11 best examples of businesses operating efficiently and reducing costs with Google Cloud

To adapt to the changes of the business environment, business leaders always have to update new trends in the market and technology. Let's find out through 11 The best evidence that businesses operate efficiently and reduce costs with Google GCP

In the business process, leaders always face difficulties when making decisions about operational management and resource allocation. For most businesses, the COVID-19 pandemic has brought them new perspectives on the transformation of technology application into business, from which they must consider how to meet actual needs according to their needs. new business rules while business resources are limited.

This is a challenge for businesses, especially for those that rely too heavily on legacy infrastructure. A recent McKinsey study found that these legacy systems account for up to 74% of a company's IT costs, while this also hinders flexibility in system upgrades. Making the transition from upgrading to the Cloud can help businesses reduce costs significantly, increase flexibility, and increase ROI.

11 best examples of businesses operating efficiently and reducing costs with Google Cloud

All of this is covered in Google's new eGuide – helping businesses run efficiently with Google Cloud. While the modernization process will look different for businesses of different sizes and industries, the benefits of moving to the Cloud are broad and universal. Include:

  • Increase flexibility, ease expansion, and reduce technology costs by adopting hybrid-cloud and multi-cloud strategies
  • Increase return on ERP investments by moving SAP systems to the Cloud
  • Reduce hardware refresh costs and On-premise infrastructure costs by migrating virtual machines to the Cloud..
  • Increase scalability and gain access to advanced analytics through data warehouse modernization
  • Make cluster management easier and more cost-effective by migrating Apache Hadoop on-premises clusters to the Cloud.
  • Secure your spending by running specialized workloads in the cloud with the scalable Bare Metal Solution.
  • Increase flexibility and reduce on-premises investment by transforming information and data from Windows to the Cloud.
  • Increase the scalability and cost-effectiveness of modern technology platforms by offloading the mainframe environment.
  • Leverage AI to quickly respond to customer needs and improve the customer experience.
  • Gain more visibility and control to reduce costs with billing and billing management tools.
  • Improve productivity by transforming workgroups with Cloud-based collaboration tools.

With the current business climate, organizations need reality, knowledge and best practices so they can prioritize investments and optimize costs. Google's EGuide provides an overview of the key areas where Google sees customers as a priority for investment and performance creation, and outlines ways Google Cloud can assist you on your journey. Read eGuide

If you want more customized recommendations, take advantage of Google's IT Cost Assessment program to analyze your individual technology costs against industry benchmarks and provide you with an opportunity view cost optimization.

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