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5 reasons to choose Google Cloud Platform – GCP

Moving to the Cloud is gradually becoming a trend so that businesses can adapt to rapid changes in the business environment, technology trends and increasing customer needs, so what are the reasons for choosing? Google Cloud Platform What is (GCP)?

Cloud computing technology today

5 reasons to choose Google Cloud Platform - GCP

The origins of cloud computing can be traced back to the 1990s when telecommunications companies first announced virtual personal networks in their services.

Then, the concept “Cloud” or “Cloud” is understood in the sense of the algorithmic space between providers and users. Google started developing Cloud in 2008 with applications such as Google App Engine and in 2010 it was Google Storage

Rising energy costs and the need for expansion are driving the cloud revolution. Nowadays, Cloud Algorithm is a buzzword. The market value of Public Cloud services is $209.2 billion in 2016 and has a growth rate of approx 18% in 2017. 

The big players in the current market are: 

  • Google Cloud Platform (GCP)
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Microsoft Azure
  • IBM Cloud

Here are 5 reasons you should choose Google Cloud over other providers:

Price of Google Cloud service

Needs to be at least 10 minutes, and GCP will round to the nearest number of minutes 

An attractive point in the pricing method that Google brings to customers is the Discount based on usage commitment ( Committed Use Discounts). For this policy, you can purchase “number of vCPUs and capacity with Discount offer 57% compared to normal price" if you commit to use within 1 or 3 years. And another strong point is that all virtual machines in use are offered preferential prices. 

Unlike Amazon, which offers customers many complex service packages. Plus, Amazon will round usage time in hours instead of minutes, and that will make the cost very high. In addition, Amazon also has price incentives for customers who commit to use, but only applies to 1 virtual machine.

Thus, cost savings is one of the reasons for choosing Google Cloud for your business 


Although Amazon provides a variety of services to customers, Google still outperforms Amazon in terms of connection speed. Last year, Google announced that it would invest in cable systems to be able to provide customers using Google Cloud and Google App (currently G Suite) with transmission speeds of up to 10Tbps (Terabits per second) - a Impressive processing speed. 

The cable line is located under the Pacific Ocean and Google is one of six members with access. The cable is connected to the entire west coast of the United States and major cities in Japan. In addition, Google also has connections to hubs in Asia. In particular, the transmission speed is always upgraded.

High speed is also a factor that affects costs and allows data to be processed in a short time. According to information from Google product manager, Amit Aggarwal, network costs have not decreased like data storage and algorithm costs, but Google's massive physical network system helps bring customers practical commercial benefits. 

Data security and safety

In the digital age, data security is extremely important, compared to the risk of data loss if a problem occurs with the physical storage system (natural disaster, catastrophe, etc.). Putting data information on the Cloud not only requires flexibility and easy access anytime, anywhere, but also must ensure data safety and security.

With a series of global standard security technologies and distributed infrastructure systems around the world, Google Cloud is always highly appreciated for ensuring data security from natural disasters or attacks. hacker's network, your system will always operate stably in any situation, ensuring the performance of your business. 

Live Migration

migration in google cloud

Compared to other service providers, Google provides customers with services  Direct migration of virtual machines between servers, This will help businesses be ready to move and run 24/7 without encountering any obstacles during operations. 

Google has officially launched this service since 2014. "We offer a maintenance service that combines software and Data Center innovations with live translation technology to proactively perform work." maintenance while your virtual machines are up and running”

Live maintenance allows the company to repair and upgrade software, including security-related programs, without having to restart the machine.  

Meanwhile, other service providers will send you an email notifying you that your virtual computer will be turned off and taken to another server.

One of the reasons that Evernote Switching to Google means they won't have to be passive in handling the problem. Furthermore, in the event of a failure, the company can automatically reboot and the virtual machine still allows them to be back online within minutes.

Big data

big data in google cloud

While Amazon Web Service is known for its algorithms and stable system base, and Azure stands out for its OS, Google stands out from the other two providers with its system. analyze their data (data analytics)

Google's advanced cloud storage tools such as BigQuery Direct and group data processing tools such as Google Cloud Dataflow, Google Cloud Dataproc can support businesses in analyzing huge data at lightning speed and help businesses make quick and accurate decisions. 

BigQuery, for example, is a fully managed data warehouse that allows you to Process a huge amount of data at super fast speed. According to Google, their customers refer to the BigQuery tool as “a miracle” Where previously it took hours to process large amounts of data, now it can be processed in just a few minutes. 

Cloud algorithms are currently a hot topic. The market is becoming more competitive as companies begin to grasp to control costs with the best developments. 

In 2017, Google Cloud Next Conference in San Francisco, Google company announced that they will focus on Cloud in the Data analytics and Machine Learning..

Google confirmed that their engineers have completed 500 versions on the system. Google is also having partnerships with big companies that rely heavily on big data analysis such as company SAP and international banking HSBC 

Google also revealed some new Machine Learning and AI tools at Google Cloud Next. With its current rapid growth rate, Google is expected to be one of the leading giants in the future in the field of cloud computing.  

This is one of the reasons for choosing Google Cloud Platform to start the journey to the Cloud for your business. If you need information or a free trial of the service, please contact:

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