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[Hot] AppSheet Core added for free to many Google Workspace instances from 25/07/2023

AppSheet Core edition will be integrated for FREE into most existing Google Workspace editions except Essential. This brings outstanding benefits to all registered customers Google Workspace customer.

1. Google Workspace versions with AppSheet Core License added

In order to bring AppSheet - Google's no-code application creation platform - closer to more users, Google announced from July 25, AppSheet Core version will be added for free to most versions. Google Workspace customers like: 

  • Business Starter, Standard, and Plus 
  • Enterprise Starter and Standard 
  • Frontline Starter and Standard 
  • Non-profits 
  • Education Standard

AppSheet Core integration into Google Workspace instances will begin on 25/07/2023, the update period lasts at least within 15 days until 3-5 weeks later. 

2. What businesses get when integrating AppSheet Core into most versions of Google Workspace

a, Take advantage of the resources available on Google Workspace

AppSheet Core has been updated to several versions of Google Workspace, bringing many benefits to users such as:

  • Take advantage of building App apps right on Google Workspace: Google Workspace users can use Appsheet to create applications that automate business processes easily according to the unique needs of each organizational department (HR management, timekeeping, task management, etc.) ...)
  • Leverage existing data integration: AppSheet Core is seamlessly integrated with Google Workspace, allowing the link to pull data from Google Drive, Google Sheets, Calendar, etc. The integration allows users to quickly and seamlessly create applications that interact with Google Workspace data.
  • Collaborate in real time: AppSheet Core supports real-time collaboration, making it easy for multiple users to work together on application development projects. Google Workspace users can collaborate during application design, data modeling, and testing, to ensure that the final product meets their requirements.
  • Scalability and Reliability: AppSheet Core is built on top of Google Cloud infrastructure, providing scalability and reliability. AppSheet Core can handle application-specific needs and ensures high availability.

b, Maximize cost savings for businesses

If before, businesses had to register to buy separate licenses for Google Workspace and AppSheet if they wanted to use the features of these two products, now with the integration of AppSheet Core into most existing versions of Google Workspace, From the lowest version of Business Starter, businesses will save a significant amount of budget for the license purchase. 

With the new Google AppSheet, businesses can simply create countless necessary applications according to business needs without having to spend money on building software or buying external software. 

c, Business information data is kept safe and secure on Cloud 

Business information data is stored and processed on Google's secure and trusted infrastructure. As a result, the sharing of application data to 3rd party or external platforms is also controlled and protected.

Besides, Administrators can install some additional security features necessary to ensure that users in the organization can use the AppSheet appropriately and securely.

3. How to install using AppSheet Core in Google Workspace

AppSheet Core instances will be automatically added to Google Workspace instances from 25/07/2023, Admins only need to go to the Admin Console page and check if this feature is enabled by default or not. 

4. Google adds Core License Security installation for Google Workspace users

Before changing settings “Core License Security”Admins need to check with AppSheet users in their organization to make sure any running apps aren't relying on features controlled by “Core License Security” or Admin can view and check basic information about AppSheet users by accessing “User Report” in Google Workspace Admin Console.

Admin can use settings “Core License Security” new in the Google Workspace Admin Console to control features related to external sharing of application data. This setting will apply to Google Workspace users using AppSheet Core with the following functions:

  • Share with external app users
  • Connect to external application data
  • Automate emails for external recipients
  • Using external AppSheet applications

This setting applies to all AppSheet Core applications in the enterprise organization's domain. For more advanced security settings, an AppSheet Enterprise subscription is required.

These new settings will be updated and made official by Google in the next few days
These new settings will be updated and made official by Google in the next few days
  • For Admins with existing AppSheet usage, this setting will TURN OFF by default to ensure that no existing applications are interrupted.
  • For Admins Not Using AppSheet, this setting will be ONdefault pig.


Updating and integrating AppSheet Core into Google Workspace will bring many outstanding benefits to businesses in terms of operational improvements at a reasonable cost. Automating operational process optimization with the Google Workspace and AppSheet duo will help improve organizational performance. 

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