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Google Newsletter October 2017

Introducing new features to help administrators and end users get the most out of the G Suite.

Bản tin Google tháng 10/2017 (1)

Icon New enhancements in Slides to make presentations more engaging

Là một công cụ thuyết trình thường xuyên được sử dụng, Google Slides vốn đã dược trang bị các tính năng giúp cộng tác trong thời gian thực. Trong lần ra mắt này, Google giới thiệu các tính năng mới hữu ích để giúp bạn và đồng nghiệp thể hiện tốt hơn trong buổi trình bày ý tưởng với khách hàng…..

Icon Restrict access requests on Team Drives

With this update, in case a user sends a document link to a Team Drive that they do not have access to, Google will only send a Request Access notification to the person who created the document, or to a certain group of people who having interactions related to Team Drive…

Icon Use Google Drive and Files apps to organize content on iOS 11 devices

With Google Drive, you can access and edit documents across multiple devices and platforms on which you work. With this update, Google fully integrates the Drive app with the File app on devices using iOS 11…

Icon Embed websites as iframes with the new version of Google Sites

In this release, Google makes things easier, you can embed an entire web page as an iframe (Inline Frame: an HTML tag that displays a web page within another web page) in New Google Sites…

Icon Address, phone and contact information will be converted into links in Gmail and Inbox

Người dùng Gmail thường xuyên trao đổi thông tin như địa chỉ, sổ điện thoại cho nhau để lên lịch họp, giới thiệu đồng nghiệp hay lên kế hoạch cho các sự kiện. Tuy nhiên, chỉ riêng việc copy và paste thông tin từ một email sang ứng dụng khác thì cũng khiến bạn mất rất nhiều thời gian quý báu của bạn..

Icon Extract information from Google Vault in PST . format

Google knows that many organizations and businesses add their data to E-discovery review and processing tools in the Microsoft Personal Storage Table (PST) format. To save time…

Icon See the status of a Gmail message after it’s been delivered

Using the Email Log Search feature in the Admin console, G Suite admins can track the sending and receiving of messages by users in their business. Previously, admins still had to directly communicate with end users or search in mailboxes…

Icon Put restrictions on what users can interact with on Google+

Google+ is a great tool for your employees to read and engage with other non-work related content. From an admin's perspective, Google understands that there is more control over the content…

Icon Hosted S/MIME now supports advanced controls for Root Certificate Authorities

Giải pháp Hosted S/MIME của Gmail giờ đây yêu cầu các chứng thực phải có nguồn gốc từ các cơ quan chứng nhận (CA – Certificate Authorities) đáng tin cậy nhất định.

Icon Admin console tools to help manage Calendar from former employees

Managing former employees' ownership of the Calendar events or ensuring that Calendar's resources are not occupied by legacy events is a challenge for administrators. When an employee leaves…

Icon G Suite users can now use Drive File Stream

Drive File Stream is a new desktop application that gives you access to all your Google Drive documents when you want, directly from your computer. That means you almost don't have to use the hardware's memory drive,…

Icon Create header and footer as you like on Google Sheets

To create a professional looking spreadsheet, it is important that you can add certain information to it, such as company name, notes or any other important details. With this update…

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