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How to buy an unlimited Google Meet account

Does Google Meet have a time limit? What is the Google Meet time limit? How to buy Unlimited Google Meet accounts? Let's find the answers to these questions from this Gimasys tutorial Blog. Here you can get more updates about Google Meet and its limitations.

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Google Meet is a service of the Google Workspace ecosystem that can help organize high-class and secure video meetings for users anytime, anywhere as long as there is an Internet connection. It is available on multiple platforms including PC (via web browser), Android and iOS. During the meeting, your information and privacy will be secured with encryption.

Google Meet time limit

In March 2020, Google released Google Meet for all personal Google accounts. That means Google Meet is free for everyone. Previously, it was only available to users Workspace Google

How to buy an unlimited Google Meet account 2At that time, Google Meet supports up to 100 participants, and users with free accounts can meet continuously for up to 24 hours, the time users can use Google Meet is unlimited. However, in an announcement in September 2020, Google said it would limit meeting length to 60 minutes for group video calls. 

But due to the strong Covid-19 pandemic, Google has extended the unlimited Google Meet offer until March 2021 and then June 2021. Now, Google has officially set the time limit with Google Meet as follows. 

  • 1vs1 calls have a maximum duration of 24 hours 
  • Calls with 3 or more participants will have a maximum duration of 60 minutes 

According to Google, at 55 minutes, a call is ending notification will be sent to everyone and the meeting will officially end after 60 minutes.

How to extend Google Meet time limit?

As mentioned above, the Google Meet time limit is 60 minutes for group video calls. Sometimes, that time is not enough for businesses. After 60 minutes, the meeting will end but the work has not been discussed, which will greatly hinder the collaboration of the organization. 

If you are a user, you may be wondering how to buy unlimited Google Meet accounts. In general, you'll need to upgrade your Google Account because Google currently doesn't offer Google Meet-specific upgrade packages. Google Workspace accounts will provide a variety of toolsets to help businesses and groups, not just Google Meet. There are multiple subscription versions of Google Meet for you to upgrade, here's an overview of each specific version:

Version Google Meet Free Business Starter Business Standard Business plus Enterprise
Price 0 VND From 69,000 VND / user / month From 169,000 VND / user / month From 414,000 VND / user / month Custom price list
Number of attendees 100 100 150 500 500
Team meeting duration 1h 24h 24h 24h 24h
Record the meeting Are not Are not Have Have Have

By subscribing to any of these versions of Google Workspace, you can hold meetings that last longer than expected without affecting your business collaboration.

Here's how to buy Unlimited Google Meet accounts. For more detailed information about Google Meet or Google Workspace customers or need technical support, you can contact Gimasys – Premier Partner of Google in Vietnam with the following information:

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