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Work from home This is a concept that was not very popular with Vietnamese businesses until the Covid 19 epidemic caused by Corona virus broke out in the community. Currently, most businesses are forced to switch to remote work due to the "social isolation" requirements to limit the spread of the disease, but due to lack of preparation, so Most businesses face difficulties and confusion in choosing the right process, implementation method and tools.

With the desire to accompany businesses in this time, Gimasys would like to introduce "An Effective Remote Working Handbook” – Through the business handbook, you will have an overview as well as understand the process of converting to remote working in an effective and flexible way.

This handbook will help businesses

  • An overview of how to set up an environment to help employees and organizations/businesses work together efficiently while working remotely and still achieve the same productivity as when working in the office.
  • Towards the process of implementing Digital Transformation and creating a modern and innovative working environment.
  • Prepare different scenarios to always be ready to change and operate the working apparatus when there are unusual fluctuations that may occur such as natural disasters, epidemic diseases, etc.
  • Effectively apply tools and software on the cloud computing platform, with a focus on applications in Google's G Suite solutions, to manage and perform daily tasks.
Huge benefits of G Suite for Work From Home
Huge benefits of G Suite for Work From Home

Some contents in the handbook for effective remote working

I. Issuing uniform regulations and rules when working remotely

  • Information security comes first
  • Reorganize the working apparatus to suit the remote working model
  • Introduced new remote working process
  • Communication rules

II. Agree on working tools

  • Meeting online
    • Hangout meet
    • Zoom
  • Share documents
    • Google Drive
  • Workflow management
    • Trello
    • Asana
    • Confluence
  • Content production
    • Docs, Sheets, Slides
  • Online chat
    • Hangout Chat
    • Zalo

III. Use tools to work remotely effectively

  • Manage your time effectively with Google Calendar.
  • Online meeting face-to-face on Hangout Meets
  • Real-time collaboration between team members with the suite Google Office (Docs, Sheets, Slides)
  • Manage tasks and progress with Trello
  • Create a centralized portal for the team to work with Google Sites
  • Remote printing is no longer an obstacle with Google Cloud Print

In addition, the manual will introduce some "Tips"special practical applications that users can refer to when working on the tools of G Suite. Reference material, Gimasys always ready to accompany and advise on how to transform in accordance with the operating model of each business.

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